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Stewart Mader presenting at WikiSym 2008Stewart Mader is founder of Future Changes, a specialist consultancy that teaches people at Fortune 500 companies, universities, non-profits, and small businesses how to improve productivity using wikis.

He has written two books: Wikipatterns and Using Wiki in Education, and created the widely-used community for sharing business wiki adoption strategies.

Stewart frequently gives keynotes and workshops that get people thinking about how to improve productivity, shorten the time it takes to get work done, and equip new employees with the information they need to quickly make an impact.

Upcoming Appearances

Date Event
February 17 Keynote Six Degrees of Collaboration Web Content 2009
March 19 Keynote DocTrain West
March 20 Learn How to Use a Wiki at Work DocTrain West


Stanford University“Stewart articulates the benefits of wikis clearly & comprehensively - he’s the voice of experience.”
- Audience Member - Stanford Tech Briefing
webcontentconferences“There’s not many humans on the planet that know more about wikis than Stewart Mader. Wherever folks are talking about wiki technology, you’ll find Mader, explaining how wikis work, how to get folks to use them, how to govern them, and how to use them to solve various real-world challenges.”
- Scott Abel - Organizer, Web Content & DocTrain Conferences
BearingPoint“Stewart was instrumental in helping Jay and I…If you are even thinking about wikis, go buy his book.”
- Nate Nash - Management Consultant, BearingPoint
IBM logo“Very simple, very effective, straight to the point…plenty of helpful tips on how to deploy successfully wikis within the enterprise. Just brilliant!”
- Luis Suarez - Social Software Evangelist, IBM

I’ll show you how to:

  • Manage everything important to your work, including background research, notes, URLs, meeting agendas & minutes, action items, and finished documents, presentations, and files.
  • Help your team make the change from using email for everything to gathering, building, and editing information on the wiki, and using email only when necessary.
  • Organize a living knowledgebase that people can rely on for critical information. I’ll also show how you can involve external people, such as customers and partners, and give them a chance to help you and each other. That ultimately enhances your reputation.

Contact me to discuss your needs.

Sample Videos

Your Wiki Isn’t Wikipedia: Six Ways to Use it at Work
Sacred Heart University
Full Video (57 min)

The Wiki Joke (1 min excerpt):

How Do You Grow Wiki Adoption?

21 Days of Wiki Adoption

Interviews & Podcasts

Here are a few recent interviews and podcasts:


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